Gortney Property Inspector Services

Gortney has been serving the North East of England since 1998. “We provide inspection and related services for a broad range of customers, including property sellers and buyers; property managers and landlords; commercial property owners and renters; full time commercial property managers and brokers; and professional contractors,” says Gortney. “In order to be able to inspect as many properties as we do, we must have access to all areas of the county. As a result, we are able to inspect all the county’s buildings, both abandoned and occupied, at any stage of development.” Call now

Property Inspector Services

A property inspection contract is the most binding legal agreement between the property owner and Gortney and their employees. If you wish to have an inspection of your property by a licensed and insured inspector, call Gortney today. Call now to schedule a property inspection by one of our qualified inspectors. We accept custom orders and will do our best to fulfill your needs. If you have any questions about our inspections or other services, or if you need to place an order, call us at anytime.

Property inspections are very sensitive issues and require full disclosure on all relevant information so that there can be no misunderstanding later. In order to protect yourself during an inspection, it is vital that you have a written agreement between yourself and the property inspector that details the scope of work to be performed, a detailed explanation of all materials to be inspected and detailed reporting guidelines. You should also keep copies of all reports produced and give these to your real estate agent or attorney as well as keeping them with your property for two years. Gortney will use all necessary information to ensure a fair and accurate inspection report. This will make sure that your property is looked at accurately by licensed professionals.

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