Gator axles – The plain steel gator axles are much more durable

Durability: Both types of off road Jeep engines are durable, but the plain steel gator axles are much more durable. They’re also made to withstand extreme temperatures (the factory engines won’t), heavy loads, and rugged driving conditions. The aftermarket axles, on the other hand, are generally made from fiberglass and plastic materials, which while lightweight and flexible, are not nearly as durable as steel. Read More

Gator axles – You Have To Know Every Thing

Compatibility: Both stock and aftermarket gator axles have many common parts that are compatible across models. Everything from engine mounts to exhaust systems and body kits is available on both brands. However, as with any other vehicle, the differences between the models can make for a more customized fit. The main difference is usually found in the suspension and handling. OEM gear has smoother motion when traveling over rougher surfaces, which translates into better steering control and more control over the vehicle in general. On the other hand, aftermarket suspension designs often feature thicker materials and have a more firm, rougher feel when traveling over similar surfaces.

Quality of Labor: When looking at performance parts for any vehicle, we recommend calling us first for customer service and assistance. While many aftermarket companies offer good aftermarket gator truck parts, none have the extensive background and expertise that come with a dealership with a great deal of knowledge about all the different parts in your vehicle’s line.

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