Discus fish – What is the Scenario?

Let’s say that you take the time to check out a few different fish species for your tank. You are impressed with the color of the Discus Fish for Sale that you see, so you decide that you want a couple of them. You also decide that the water conditions in the tank are ideal for breeding the fish. Therefore, you set up the tank and introduce the couple of fish to one another. They seem to be doing okay, so you decide that it is a good idea to place them in the tank with some food and water and set them free to do what they are best capable of doing.

Discus fish – A few different fish species for your tank.

What happens next? You realize that the fish are not staying in the tank very long at all. They have moved on to something that they feel is more interesting than your lovely discus. Suddenly you find yourself staring at a pile of dead fish, so you throw away the newspaper, get rid of the fish and open the fish tank.

Before you can blink, the first thing you notice is that there are several little critters that are all swimming around. You are staring at over two hundred fish that are alive!

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