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Kundalini yoga originated from kundalini, described in ancient Vedic culture as energy that lies dormant at the core of the abdomen until it is activated and sent up through the various chakras on the way to the crown of the skull in the course of spiritual evolution. Many practitioners of kundalini yoga claim to have experienced orgasms during kundalini arousal. However, there is a great deal of confusion between kundalini yoga, since both words refer to the same phenomenon. Most adherents to kundalini yoga believe that kundalini energy is sexual energy associated with the divine female.


The key point is that kundalini yoga is not a sexual art form. It is the result of combining conscious breathing exercises with appropriate movements and the appropriate mental state of mind. The purpose of these conscious breathing exercises is to make the practitioner more stable and grounded in her meditative state of mind. The goal is to awaken the kundalini and let it express itself in more dynamic and meaningful ways than could have been realized had she engaged in kundalini yoga without these meditative exercises. However, while you are doing the kundalini yoga exercises, you should remember that it is not an appropriate substitute for the more physically demanding forms of physical fitness and exercise, which would be more appropriate for the empowerment and spiritual growth of the practitioner.


When I speak of kundalini yoga, I speak of advanced forms of spiritual development that depend on regular practice of an advanced form of physical fitness and exercise. I do not recommend you engage in kundalini energy work as the sole path to spiritual advancement and awareness. Rather, your work in this realm should complement and support your overall efforts in your regular practice of Ashtanga yoga and other forms of spiritual development. Kundalini energy work will strengthen your body and establish you as a stronger physical presence, but regular practice of Ashtanga yoga and other forms of spiritual fitness work can help you transform and deepen your kundalini energy at a deeper level.

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