Innovation vs. regulation - Facilitating access to germplasm and release of innovative cultivars

A compromise has to be found between innovative breeding strategies and ensuring cultivar reliability for growers and consumers within the scope of a regulatory framework. Emerging new techniques in breeding make it necessary to review existing regulations along the production chain, taking into account the interests and concerns of a diverging range of stakeholders: breeders and other holders of intellectual property rights, variety testers, seed producers and merchants, farmers, consumers and environmental agencies. The keynote lecture by Richard Visser, future president of EUCARPIA, will be followed by short and concise opinion statements of important stakeholders and an open plenary discussion. Do not miss this special event which will terminate the scientific program of the congress!

About 6 "stakeholder opinions" will be requested from among these groups:

  • Representative of public research into plant breeding
  • Multinational breeding company
  • SME breeding company
  • Official testing and seed control agency
  • Seed trade
  • Farmers
  • Consumers
  • NGO dealing with environmental concerns
  • Politicians
Chair: Beat Boller - Thursday 1.09.2016, 16.00 - 17.30

Richard Visser, (WUR, The Netherlands)

"Innovation vs. regulation – Maintaining biodiversity and breeding innovative cultivars"

"Opinion statements” and extended public discussion
moderated by Timothy Sykes

Stakeholders on stage:

  • Academic research
    Richard Visser
    , Wageningen University Research, The Netherlands

  • Representative of public research into plant breeding
    Eva Reinhard
    , Federal office of Agriculture, Switzerland

  • Multinational breeding company
    Peter Van der Toorn
    , Syngenta, The Netherlands

  • SME breeding company
    Stephanie Franck
    , Saatzucht Oberlimpurg / Chair of Bund Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter BDP, Germany

  • Seed trade
    Michael Keller
    , Secretary General, International Seed Federation, Switzerland

  • NGO dealing with environmental concerns
    Edith Lammerts van Bueren
    , Louis Bolk Institute, The Netherlands

  • Farmers / politics
    Stephan Scheuner
    , swiss granum, Switzerland