Plenary sessions will deal with the following topics, each followed by keywords. Click on each session title for extended description and keynote speakers.


Opening Session


1. Genomics and bioinformatics - Putting advanced genomic knowledge to work in novel cultivars

marker-assisted selection/ genomic selection, genome editing, statistical developments in genomic prediction, statistics for high-throughput phenotyping, big data in plant breeding, model based breeding

2a. Abiotic stress tolerance

drought and salt tolerance, resource use efficiency, climate smart breeding

2b. - Biotic stress tolerance – COST session on durable resistance

disease resistance, durable resistance, host-pathogen interactions, susceptibility factors

3. Secondary metabolites - Optimizing secondary metabolites for specialized plant uses

secondary metabolites, plant extracts, phytochemistry, health and nutrition aspects

4. Phenomics - Carving crop ideotypes by phenomic tools and concepts

remote sensing, automated screening, imaging, photogrammetry, systems biology, ideotype-based breeding, genotype-by-environment interaction

5. Genetic resources and pre-breeding - Refining the green gold of genetic resources

allele mining, association genetics, focused identification of germ-plasm strategy, genebank information systems, introgression strategies, marker assisted backcrossing, targeted complementation of breeding pools, eliminating genetic load

6. Plant microbe interactions - Joining plants and microbes for enhanced crop performance

microbiomes, symbiotic N fixation, mycorrhiza interaction, beneficial endophytes

7. Innovation vs. regulation - Facilitating access to germplasm and release of innovative cultivars

access to genetic resources, germplasm exchange among breeders, variety testing, variety registration, intellectual property rights

Crop specific parallel sessions

potatoes, cereals, fodder crops and amenity grasses, maize and sorghum, vegetables, fruit, ornamentals, legumes (Year of Pulses 2016 session)

Plenary poster flash presentations (cross-cutting topics)