How To Remove Audio From Video On Any Device 2019

How To Remove Audio From Video On Any Device 2019

Always confused about removing audio from video? Looking for the right platform to perform the task? Now you can use the best tool for this by accessing freely!

Let’s have a look at it.

We all enjoy the visual treats displayed by various artists through videos. This combination of images with matching sound effects enhances the effect and we end up enjoying it. Usually it happens that sometimes we need only certain parts of the video or get its audio removed for different purposes. 

There is a plethora of video editing tools available at our fingertips. But most of the time all we need to do is to remove audio from video. For performing as simple task as that, we need not have highly advanced video editing tools. 

So this is for those users who are searching for a tool to remove audio from the video easily and tirelessly. Go ahead and give it a read that may help you serve your purpose. 



   1. On Mac OS


imovie application is the video editing  tool used for that you should install for this purpose. The steps are very easy. First, import the video and place it on the timeline. Right click on the video inside the timeline and choose the detach video option from there. The audio section will be there and click on it and press the delete button. You can save the video by clicking command+E keys.


  1. On Android 

Top rated android apps for removing audi form videos are:


  • Timbre: Its is so far the best available in Google Play store. It allows you to easily cut videos or audios as well as removing audio files. 
  • Video Sound Editor:  It supports a variety of video formats such as WMV,3GP, AVI,MPG etc. Apart from quickly removing the audio, you can even trim the videos.


  • Video Sound Remover: This can be named as the easiest app to remove audio. Just a tap will get the audio removed. 


3.On iOS 

We are showcasing one of the best iOS apps available for removing audio.


  • Video Mute: Just import the video and set the audio level nil and hit the export button. Done ! 
  • imovie: It is one the greatest apps. It not only allows you to remove audio but you can add your own sound effects. How amazing is that!
  • Mute Video: Just like its name goes, mute video removes videos and also removes noise and unnecessary sounds.



  1. On Windows 

Most of us are familiar with VLC which is used in windows. For removing the audio, launch the VLC media player , click convert/save option from the media option in the menu bar. Add or remove  audio or video file you wish to add or remove using the media button. Select the audio codec section and uncheck the audio subheading. 


  1. Using WonderShare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the top video editors for desktop. It works on both MAC and Windows. First of all, you have to download the latest version of WonderShare Filmora. Then, import the video that you want to edit. Right click on the video and choose audio detach from it. Double click on the video timeline and click create to explore the video track. You can choose the output format and done.


  1. Online Websites 

There are a few good audio removing websites available online. 


  • Audio Remover: It is one the best which allows you to extract audio from video without even re encoding it! It works on both Windows and MAC.
  • Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter: All you have to do is visit the site and click on select files to start. Import the video that you want to convert and click on the edit button. Now, slide the volume to 0% from the drop down. Click OK and then done!



So there you go! You are now free to choose the best of your choice and make the corrections or changes for your project. As most of the methods are easy to use, you will find the tireless way to remove audio from videos. We hope this article provided you with the best of the information you needed and helped you find the best solution for your project. 

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